Children and adolescents therapy

This form of psychotherapy is for children and teenagers from five till eighteen years old. 

Psychotherapy can be useful in case of children and adolescents who experience for e.g. different types of anxiety, phobias, extreme emotions (including being very shy or angry), peer relationships difficulties, family conflicts or trauma.

In case of younger children psychotherapy is usually based on a process oriented play, during which a therapist is helping the child to understand what is happening in his or her life. The aim is also to learn how to cope with different situations, anxieties and emotions.

The therapy with adolescent can involve diverse kind of tools and methods depending of young persons needs and expectations. There may be elements of play, drawing, movement or talking therapy.

The first consultation is usually a meeting with possibly both parents, without the child. During this consultation the most helpful form of therapy is determined – child or adolescent therapy, family therapy, couples therapy (the parents therapy or one parent and a child). Sometimes the forms of therapy may differ according to changing needs. In case of the child or adolescent therapy the therapist always stays in touch with the parents and regular sessions parents-therapist are being booked. This way the parents and the therapist can work together to provide better help for the child or adolescent.

Each consultation lasts 50 minutes and costs £70.