About me

My name is Marta Derecka. I am Clinical and Counselling Psychologist and Process-Oriented Psychotherapist based in London. I hold HCPC and BPS registrations in the UK. 

Education and professional experience

I studied clinical psychology at the University of Gdańsk in Poland. I obtained my diploma in 2008. I also studied psychology at the University of Granada in Spain. Aditionally I hold a Masters degree in philosophy.

In 2009 I finished postgraduate Phase 1 Psychotherapy Training based in Process Oriented Psychology. Since 2011 I am in the postgraduate Phase 2 Diploma Training of the Licensed Program of the Institute for Process-Oriented Psychology in Warsaw. I work with individual clients, couples and groups under the supervision of a licensed teacher of Process Work.

I am continuously attending training courses in psychology, psychotherapy and counselling in UK, Poland and other countries.

I  work with adults, teenagers and children. I have been working as a psychologist in the NHS, at schools, kindergartens, family centres and community centres. I have a volunteering experience in a Crisis Intervention Centre where I gained experience in solving various life-crisis situations. I also volunteered for the Polish Psychologist Association – a charity dedicated to provide psychological support for Polish families in the UK.

Since 2011 I have my private psychotherapy practice. It was first established in Gdańsk, Poland – where I originally come from. After moving to UK in 2015, I work and live in London. My process-oriented psychotherapy practice is located in Hackney, East London in a walking distance form Homerton Overground Station.

I provide counselling and psychotherapy in person or via Skype.

Personal Information

I love being in the nature, long walks by the sea shore and in the woods. Horse riding is my hobby. I also like travelling and meeting different cultures. I am fascinated by the fact that you can learn so many amazing things about yourself and life in general just by meeting other people or by visiting a new place.

Professional registration

For detailed CV please go to my LinkedIn profile. 

If you are interested in psychotherapy but you would like to have some more information about me or the service I provide, please contact me marta@psychotherapy-london.uk or by phone 07476491882.