About me

My name is Marta Piechowicz. I am a Clinical and Counselling Psychologist and Process-Oriented Psychotherapist based in London. I hold HCPC and BPS registrations in the UK. 

Education and professional experience

I studied psychology at the University of Gdańsk in Poland. I obtained my diploma in 2008. I also studied psychology at the University of Granada in Spain. Additionally, I hold a Master’s degree in philosophy.

In 2009 I finished postgraduate Phase 1 Psychotherapy Training based in Process Oriented Psychology. Since 2011 I am in the postgraduate Phase 2 Diploma Training of the Licensed Program of the Institute for Process-Oriented Psychology in Warsaw. I work with individual clients, couples, and groups under the supervision of a licensed teacher of Process Work.

I am continuously attending training courses in psychology, psychotherapy, and counselling in the UK, Poland, and other countries.

I  work predominantly with adults, however I also have experience in working with children and adolescents. My professional experience include working as a psychologist in the NHS, at schools, kindergartens, family centres, and community centres. I have a volunteering experience in a Crisis Intervention Centre where I gained experience in solving various life-crisis situations. I also volunteered for the Polish Psychologist Association – a charity dedicated to providing psychological support for Polish families in the UK.

Since 2011 I have my private psychotherapy practice. It was first established in Gdańsk, Poland – where I originally come from. After moving to the UK in 2015, I work and live in London. My process-oriented psychotherapy practice is located in East London.

I provide counselling and psychotherapy in person and online.

Personal Information

I love being in nature, long walks by the seashore and in the woods. Horse riding is my hobby. I also like traveling and meeting different cultures. I am fascinated by the fact that you can learn so many amazing things about yourself and life in general just by meeting other people or by visiting a new place.

Professional registration

If you are interested in psychotherapy but you would like to have some more information about me or the service I provide, please contact me at marta@psychotherapy-london.uk or by phone at 07476491882.